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Let's turn your team into a better version of itself.


Different crafts and philosophies, hybrid and asynchronous work environments, complex problems, requirements jungles: interdisciplinary work breeds many challenges that can reduce team effectiveness. Ineffective teams often lack a shared understanding and tools to navigate complexity as a team

mis alignment

dis connect

con fusion


The Introwork Team Sprint cultivates transformative skills for team self-leadership.


Explore perspectives

Everybody has different default styles and needs around work that influence collaboration. In structured 1:1 sessions - the IntroViews we apply simple and creative reflection techniques to collect insights.




Understand patterns

In the impulse session Patterns Of Us, we create a new understanding of the team’s characteristics, needs and styles by abstracting individual insights into neutral collective patterns to learn from.




Build bridges

We get practical: Based on newly created transparency, we apply hands-on exercises in a workshop and introduce a customized tool box that enhance daily collaboration for the team going forward.



The Introwork_Team-Self-Leadership_Program.001.jpeg

Kick-start a growth culture that supports your unique goals


5-day sprint
The sprint is designed for one work week. It combines individual and group methods to allow for maximum insights in an efficient format.
Better decisions & organizational practices
Foster a solid and sustainable foundation to positively impact other organizational levels and broader strategies.
Improved team relationships
A deeper understanding helps your team recognizing patterns that create clarity and promotes team think instead of group think.
Insights turned into a toolbox
A customized tool-box with tools and recommendations for daily collaboration helps the team long-term without further sprints.

Moderate time invest 

Approx. 8hrs per team member throughout the 5 day sprint.

100% remote friendly

For remote and hybrid teams up to 10 team members.

Tailored to your team

The focus is on the team and its challenges.

Ready-to-go format

No preparation is required from the team's side.

You want to get started or learn more?

In a first call, we discuss your team's challenges and find out if the Team Sprint is the right fit for you. 

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