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I help turning groups into teams. And teams into collaborators. 


Challenges, but no clarity?

When teams face restructuring, fluctuations or change, it can cause uncertainty and chaos. With a systematic diagnostic, we assess the status quo of your teams' collaboration.


Goals, but no game plan?

We implement strategies that bring you closer to your collaboration goals. We focus on a process that generates learnings and on co-creative methods to check our results.


Growing teams, but no team growth?

Navigating daily challenges and complexity is a team task - it just requires practice. In a 5-day team sprint, we cultivate transformative skills that empower team self-leadership.

The Introwork's
5 principles

Ask new questions. Rethink old ones.

Assume complexity, not inability.

At the core of The Introwork approach is a commitment to explore while improving results in the here and now. 

Balance the nitty-gritty with the big picture.

Infuse processes with introspection.

Keep minds and roads open.

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