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Nice to meet you.

My name is Julia Holewa. I am a strategist at mind, a doer at hand and a people person at heart. I love structure that liberates. And collaboration that connects. I am fascinated by complexity, and motivated by clarity.

With The Introwork, I stand for diving deep and thinking big, for thoughtful structures with an open mind, and for the power of introspection. And yes, that usually makes me end up in the messy middle. I like it there. 


Values that guide my work

Dive deep but make it tangible

I believe good results come from deep insight that translate right into their practical implementation. So I sway between the bigger picture and the nitty-gritty.

Support starts on eye-level

I believe that teams are inherently self-effective. Sometimes, all it needs is an outsider's perspective and neutral impulses that spark new directions.

It's all in the process

I believe in the power of the process as key for successful teams and good products. Switching from the end goal to the journey sets the perspective on sustainable learning.

Where my expertise comes from

8+ years of experience in different roles, companies and team set-ups


Project management, account management and strategy in digital creative teams


Digital marketing & strategy in international pre-seed AI tech start-up


Product strategy, digital innovation and strategy in interdisciplinary consulting agency


Product Management as a PO in international product team of seed-phase tech start-up

How I work 

Project, scope or freelance based

We define our working model based on your needs.

German and English speaking teams

I am a German native, experienced with international teams. 

Project partnership

I don't sell you one-fits-all solutions. I want to work with you.

Looking forward to working with you.


Check out the beautiful work of my friends. They are so much cooler than me.

Photography & Film. It’s all about catching feelings.

For beauty and the mundane, the pretty lies and ugly truths and everything in between.

Content Creative. Concept, Video & Social.

Design, Art Direction, brandings & mic drop looks.

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