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Challenges, but no clarity?


Inside-out towards effective collaboration

I help turn groups into teams and teams into better collaborators. From deep status quo exploration to implementation and from introspection to team self-leadership, I am dedicated to transforming the challenges in the here and now into growth opportunities.


Collaborate to innovate: unleashing big ideas

Welcome to The Introwork Lab. Here, collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation. We bring together diverse minds to explore uncharted territories and improve the here and now of working together. It is a powerhouse of creativity and an open space for (thought) experiments and practical initiatives around the topics of the future of collaboration, team work, and transformative skills.

Let's collaborate to turn visionary concepts into tangible cases, and bold ideas into successful projects.

Image by Augustine Wong

The Introwork:
An intentional look inside.

The Introwork philosophy centers on the profound impact of introspection and the relentless pursuit of insight and learning on all journeys we design - individually and as a team.


By fostering a culture of deep dives, The Introwork aims at unraveling new premises and pushing the boundaries of conventional narratives around what makes us successful. Let’s dive in and dig deep. Let’s choose understanding over accelerating. And let's rethink old ways while investing in new perspectives. 


Hi, I'm Julia.

I'm a strategist, a team empowerer and a curious explorer of big ideas. Together with interdisciplinary teams in small companies and start-ups, I work on improving collaboration and seeding a culture of team growth.

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